Conversations of Change

I’m still not sure who got me onto Dr Jen Frahm work. I know when I read Conversations of Change is was a loaner from a mate who wouldn’t stop raving about it. Since, I’ve got a couple of copies in my coaching kit!

I quickly found out why so many practitioners are raving about it, I couldn’t put it down–I read it cover to cover on a Saturday.

Dr Jen has written a highly conversational, deceptively simple book that hits the nail on the head of contemporary change management practice.

Her choose your own adventure format weaved through every chapter brings a powerful and extremely accessible context of the core aspects of change management. It’s practical, pragmatic and explores the current methods and tools of our trade from an agnostic point of view.

I think it’s also a great read for practitioners. Aside from a few giggles through the choose your own adventure it’s a lovely reminder of how great storytelling can make what and how we facilitate change into something less mysterious and more tangible for our clients and their organisations.

It’s available in paperback or Kindle. Buy it directly from Dr Jen here.

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