Playing Lean

Playing Lean 2 is the board game that teaches innovation and how to apply Lean Startup principles, a game in which players are forced to make difficult choices without risking their life savings or the future of their workplaces.

It is relevant for those in Enterprise, Startups and Government.

Why is Lean Startup so important?

Research indicates that 70-90% of all businesses and startup ideas fail within the first 1-2 years. Enterprises and governments experience similar failure when building new customer facing products or shifting their service models. Understanding the Lean Startup reduces your chance of failure. Some of the benefits of Lean Startup include: seeking customer feedback to direct product decisions before major investments are made. Maintaining a repeatable cycle of: Build-Measure-Learn.

How Playing Lean works

The game is designed for up to 12 players (4 teams) where the the objective for each team is to reach the Scaling phase and Early Majority (Technology Adoption Lifecycle) first.

Each team makes strategic decisions around which experiments to run and how to develop their startup via: Building Product Features, Testing the Market, Selling and Increasing their Technical Capabilities. The actions of other teams and unexpected outcomes causes players to re-evaluate their decisions and strategies throughout the game.

Playing Lean

Play the Game and Learn the Theory!

  • Half day workshops (4 hours) that will cover the following: Lean Startup Theory, Playing Lean Game Session, Reflection and Discussion
  • Maximum of 12 participants

Playing Lean is rapidly growing around the world with the following Governments and Institutions around the world: Startup Labs Oslo, Swiss Startup Factory, Innovation Lab Fribourg, Swiss Startup Association, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of NSW, ORACLE and Logan City Council.

Playing Lean has received strong endorsements from:

  • Alexander Osterwalder, author of Business Model Generation and creator of the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas
  • Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean and creator of the Lean Canvas

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