Metrics in Change Management

October 23


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

Event Category:

Professional Development


Change Management Institute Queensland

Email: Phone: 0403515665

Stock Exchange Hotel

131 Edward Street

BRISBANE CITY, Queensland, Australia, 4000

Project managers have the easy job. They are given a project with a defined scope, budget, time-frame, resources and risk profile. They can clearly and simply define their objectives, measures of progress and success.

They have well-understood scorecards and businesses understand their language and metrics. But what about change managers? We often struggle to get a common language with the business to describe the change process and how it is measured before, during and after.

Jon Clow is facilitating an interaction session that will explore some concepts in this space and workshop potential approaches including leveraging the Prosci Change Scorecard and benefits management techniques.

Discover how measuring what matters can help steer your change management efforts in the right direction, positioning projects for success.

This is a public event organised through the Change Management Institute. Register for the event here.

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