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Our People

Meet the WOW Collective
David Derwin, The Illume Group

David Derwin

Founding Member
Delivery Specialist, Illume

Faith Timbs, Valiente

Faith Timbs

Founding Member
Director, Valiente

Fiona Southwell, Alliance Change Management

Fiona Southwell

Founding Member
Director, Alliance Change

Georgiana MANNION, evolvingBA

Georgiana Mannion

Founding Member
Director, EvolvingBA

Jon Clow, Change Results

Jon Clow

Founding Member
Director, Change Results

Joeri Timmermans, Big Jump

Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans

Founding Member
Principal Coach, BIGJUMP

Lesleigh Ross, Valiente

Lesleigh Ross

Founding Member
Director, Valiente

Tony BYWATER, From the Front

Tony Bywater

Founding Member
Director, From the Front

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We're not going to lie, we're big book worms and have an insatiable hunger for learning.

Here’s some of the WOW Collective’s favourite reads.